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“Business owners and leaders have shared with me just how tough it is to run a business and the relentless need to adapt just to survive. B2Bxi aims to ease that  burden and help your business evolve to thrive. As partners committed to your success, we’re here to offer straightforward, practical support that delivers fast, impactful  results.”  Fiona McLaren, B2Bxi Founder


Innovative Growth Solutions for Today’s Business Leaders

B2Bxi combines 30+ years of expertise with innovative strategies to help businesses grow. Our team of experienced C-level advisors offer personalised, easy-to-integrate solutions, making change seamless and setting new standards in over 20 industry sectors.


Our Services


Taking innovation beyond  processes and products and integrating it into business DNA, ensuring companies remain at the industry forefront.

Technological Optimisation & Digital Mastery

Enhancing operations with technology integrations and advanced business automation to boost customer engagement and sales performance.

Customised BUSINESS GROWth strategies

Developing tailored marketing and sales strategies that align with industry goals, ensuring impactful and measurable results.

Governance and Data-Driven Decision Making

Leveraging governance best practices and data analytics to help you make informed decisions, mitigate risk and develop strategic insights to bolster your business.

Developing people and culture

Nurturing your team and fostering a culture of innovation with leadership coaching and staff training, enabling everyone in your business to contribute to your success.


Comprehensive market research and analysis across multiple sectors to uncover market opportunities, inform strategic positioning and  market entry decisions.

Helping you Build your success stories


B2Bxi has successfully delivered over 200 projects across 30+ sectors.  We have helped our clients save in excess of £500k and facilitated the generation of over £5 million in revenue, both from domestic sales and international exports.

We take pride in the significant contributions we’ve made towards enhancing our clients’ staff retention and satisfaction, resolving board level conflicts, developing high-performing teams, and providing crucial coaching to business leaders, steering them towards greater success.  


Market Research and Strategic Market Entry

B2Bxi’s deep dive into the renewable energy market uncovered key opportunities in wind and tidal energy, setting the stage for strategic entry and collaborations. Our output allowed our client to create powerful connections and access a new market rapidly and efficiently.

Commercial Cleaning Company

Custom Sales and Marketing Strategies

By creating tailored sales and marketing strategies with a community-focused approach, B2Bxi significantly boosted brand recognition and market engagement. This project illustrates our ability to craft impactful, targeted marketing campaigns.

Manufactuing Company

C-Level Coaching and Governance

Enhanced the confidence and unity of the leadership team through personalised one-on-one and group coaching sessions for board members. This effort was further supported by a comprehensive overhaul of the governance process and the advancement of data-driven decision-making practices.

Fiona McLaren

Leveraging extensive corporate experience and a strong technology background, Fiona McLaren founded B2Bxi to empower SMEs with innovative strategies that produced results. With a Master’s degree and as a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Fiona’s unique blend of business acumen and tech expertise has positioned B2Bxi as a leader in cutting-edge, personalised business solutions. Fiona and her team have successfully guided over 50 businesses toward scalable growth, integrating the latest technology trends to drive success.

B2Bxi thrives on Fiona’s commitment to technological innovation, fostering collaborations that spark strategic breakthroughs. Her approach not only advances SMEs but also establishes B2Bxi as a beacon of business excellence, blending technology with strategic consulting to set new industry standards. Fiona’s visionary leadership exemplifies the powerful combination of technology and strategic foresight in transforming business landscapes.

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