Explore a sample of our portfolio of over 200 completed projects, a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. From groundbreaking solutions to transformative collaborations, each project showcases our journey towards excellence.

Our Projects


Streamlined Governance

After enhancing the governance structure of an industrial company, significant improvements were achieved in operational efficiency and decision-making processes. This fostered a transparent, agile, and competitive culture, positioning the company for sustainable growth and innovation in its sector.

C-Level Coaching

The manufacturing company recently enhanced its board with individuals highly skilled in their respective functions. However, the challenge lay in unifying them as a cohesive team. Through both individual and collective coaching, they were steered towards a more agile and informed leadership approach, significantly improving teamwork and decision-making efficiency.


Marketing & Sales Strategy

By creating tailored sales and marketing strategies with a community-focused approach, B2Bxi significantly boosted brand recognition and market engagement of a national commercial cleaning company. This project illustrates our ability to craft impactful, targeted marketing campaigns.

Business Development

Assisting a high-tech equipment manufacturer in its ambitions to expand within the USA, we developed a comprehensive business strategy encompassing operations, sales, marketing, and people management. This strategic focus honed the business’s direction, optimising its market entry and positioning it for successful growth in a competitive landscape.


Market Research

B2Bxi’s deep dive into the renewable energy market uncovered key opportunities in wind and tidal energy for our metal fabrication client, setting the stage for strategic entry and collaborations. Our output allowed our client to create powerful connections and access a new market rapidly and efficiently.

Persona Development

Assisting a B2C company with detailed personal development, we refined their understanding of target customers, enabling tailored marketing strategies and product offerings. This approach significantly enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased sales and loyalty. The business experienced a profound uplift in market relevance and revenue growth as a direct consequence.


Open Innovation

B2Bxi partnered with a university spin-out, harnessing cutting-edge IP technology for substantial environmental benefits. By injecting commercial acumen and expertise, B2Bxi catalysed the venture’s swift market entry and technological progression, significantly enhancing its competitive market position. This strategic collaboration marked a pivotal advancement in the company’s growth and success.

Six I's INNOVATIOn Training

We delivered training to over 50 staff members of a national grocery retailer, introducing a groundbreaking innovation methodology, The Six I’s of Innovation. This program empowered participants, shifted their perceptions of being innovators and enhanced their collaboration. 


Personal Development

By implementing detailed personal development programs for a Dairy Production company, B2Bxi unlocked significant benefits for the business. These initiatives led to enhanced employee satisfaction and performance, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. As a result, the company saw improved customer service quality, increased loyalty, and a noticeable boost in overall productivity.

Customer focused culture

Guiding a technology company through a cultural shift, we focused on establishing values that prioritised customer satisfaction and innovation. Through workshops and leadership coaching, we fostered a more dynamic, customer-centric environment. This transformation led to enhanced employee engagement, improved service delivery, and a stronger brand loyalty, positioning the company for sustained success.


CRM Set Up

Assisting a production company, we spearheaded the setup of a comprehensive CRM system, tailored to their unique operational needs. This strategic implementation facilitated better customer relationship management, streamlined communication channels, and enhanced data analytics. The result was a more efficient workflow, elevated customer satisfaction, and a significant increase in sales effectiveness and revenue growth.

Digital Enhancement

B2Bxi introduced a suite of digital software solutions aimed at enhancing management information for a client in the care sector. This transformation enabled staff to access more accurate and timely data and enhanced their decision-making capabilities.