FREE MASTERCLASS: 10th June 2024 11.30 BST

Introducing the Six I’s of Innovation®

In this free Masterclass, discover strategies for impactful innovation that challenge the belief that creativity is enough. We’ll explore the need for a cultural shift in organisations and the role of key mindsets in driving innovation.

    • Innovation Misconception: Beyond creativity, six cultures are crucial for innovation.
    • Investment Hurdle: Many ideas fail at investment, seen as exclusive to departments like R&D.
    • Changing the Status Quo: Calls for a shift to a more inclusive, budget-aware innovation approach.
    • Role of Curiosity: ‘Curiosity’ is essential for spotting opportunities and staying relevant to customers.

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I’d like to offer you something to really help your business. It’s a free 45-minute consultation with me, Fiona. It’s a chance for us to sit down and really understand the challenges you’re facing, whether that’s with strategy, marketing and sales, operations, your team, or your personal concerns.

I’ve got a team of experienced individuals ready to share insights and strategies, all aimed at helping your business grow and become more efficient. But this isn’t about us selling you something; it’s about giving you a taste of what we can do together. A chance for us to get to know each other.  It’s completely up to you where we go from there.

So, if you’re interested in seeing how a bit of expert advice might make a difference, why not book a session? Let’s explore what’s possible for your business.

Fiona McLaren, B2Bxi Founder.

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